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Pratley Timeline

1948: George Montague Pratley establishes Pratley Engineering.
1949: Development of a mine hose clamp with cam action clamping, one of the first Pratley products.
1950: Introduction of the "Vula Vala Valve" for the mining industry.
1950's: The world's first Electrical Delay Explosives Igniter patented - the patent was sold to finance Pratley Manufacturing and Engineering Co.
1958: Pratley develops one of the first cable resin joints in SA.
1960's: The unique Pratley Adjustable Cable Gland® for SWA and Flexible cable is introduced to the market.
1965: "Humphrey", the robot is born, made from pieces of scrap stuck together with Pratley Putty®.
1965: Pratley Putty® is used on the Ranger Module and goes to the Moon!
1967: Pratley adhesives and putty commercialised with the introduction of industrial and consumer packs.
1970: Launch of the Pratley Bike, a miniature motorcycle that folds into a carry bag.
1973: The worlds only chemical delay igniter is developed by Pratley.
1973: Launch of the first synthetic cable junction box with "built-in" cable glands.
1974: Pratley starts prospecting the only viable Perlite and Zeolite deposit in SA.
1980: Kim Pratley joins Pratley full time after completing an MSc degree in Mechanical
1983: Founder, George Montague Pratley dies. Kim Pratley, his son, succeeds him as CEO of the Pratley Group.
1985: Pratley Wondafix® is launched by the CEO, Kim Pratley, standing underneath a 13 ton Bulldozer suspended in the air by two disks glued together with a hairline layer of Wondafix® adhesive.
1993: Winner of the prestigious Technology Top 100 Award for Pratley Pratlok® Thread Locking Adhesives.
1993: Launch of the Envirogland® range of corrosion protected encapsulated glands.
1993: Wham®, accelerated super glue is launched. This was done by hoisting a VW Beetle off the ground, 3.5 seconds after Wham® was applied to the join.
1996: Pratley Steel Putty® is launched. Looks like steel and sets like steel!
1998: Pratley celebrates a half-century of successful business. A professional pyrotechnic display is held to the delight of the Krugersdorp residents.
1999: Commissioning of a rare raw materials plant that makes Pratley adhesives self sufficient .
1999: Launch of Ezee-bond® and SP020®, both are versatile, high strength, two part acrylic adhesives.
2004: Pratley Perlite Mining Co. acquires its 3rd facility in Chamdor, Krugersdorp for the processing of minerals.
2004: Pratley builds a large new technical training centre for the training of it's customers.
2003/4: Business Achiever of the Year Award - Mogale City, overall winner.
2005: Pratley launches the "Gland with the Band" and the "Box with the Band"
Enviroglands, Enviro Compression Glands and Ezeefit® boxes with red identification bands for Ex applications.
2005: Andrew Pratley joins Pratley after completing a BComp degree in Information Technology from Monash University.
2006: Pratley Diamond Mining Co. begins diamond mining operations in the North West Province of South Africa.
2008: Pratley Analytical, a new and exciting Pratley division begins operations. This division is involved in high-end minerals microanalysis.
2009: Pratley launches the Ex d e Ezee-Seal Barrier Gland that employs revolutionary, patented technology. Ready for use in just 5 minutes!
2009: Pratley launches Clinobrite® Cationic Filter Medium for swimming pools. The product reduces chlorine usage by absorbing ammonia from the water.
2009: Pratley launches Powda Bond® adhesive filler. Ideal for gap filling and adding reinforcement to joints.
2010: Charles Pratley joins Pratley after completing a BSC degree in Industrial Engineering from Wits University.
2010: Pratley launches Clinofish® Cationic Filter Medium for fish ponds. The product effectively removes toxic ammonia from the water.
2013: Pratley launches Pratley UV Bond - a crystal clear, UV curing glass adhesive for DIY use.
2013: Pratley launches a new range of high performance DIY lubricants called "Squeak Mouse"