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The ideal way to prepare a surface prior to adhesive bonding

Before you begin, please read our tip entitled “A simple test to find out if your material/substrate is a good candidate for adhesive bonding.” 

Firstly you will roughen up the surfaces of the substrate you intent bonding/sticking with a course grade sand paper.

You can sand in different directions so that there are visible scratch marks on the surface. This allows for good mechanical adhesion of the adhesive onto the substrate.

Next remove any excess oil and contaminants from the bonding surface by whipping it with industrial grade acetone or ideally use Pratley Safety Cleaner.

Do not use cosmetic acetone as many of these contain lanolin and other ingredients that may contaminate the substrate and make the bond weak. Remember to use a lint free cloth when wiping surfaces.

The method above is a “best case scenario”. Some of our adhesives are able to tolerate oily surfaces. Please consult the relevant Pratley product’s instruction leaflet prior to bonding.

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