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The best method for repairing a cracked engine sump or metal housing

You will start by identifying the ends of the crack. Using a 2mm drill bit, drill the ends of the crack to prevent the crack from running any further. Secondly, roughen up the surface of the substrate that surrounds the crack with a

course grade sand paper.You can sand in different directions so that there are visible scratch marks on the surface. Next remove any excess oil and contaminants from inside the crack and around the surface surrounding the crack by wipping it with industrial grade acetone or ideally Pratley Safety Cleaner (Do not use nail acetone as it contains other contaminants). Apply Pratley Pratlok PEN grade into the crack. The adhesive will wick into the crack due to its very low viscosity and seal the crack. Allow the Pratlok PEN to cure for 15 minutes. It is an anaerobic adhesive so it cures in the absence of oxygen. It will cure inside the crack but not on the surrounding areas. Use an oil and lint free cloth to wipe away excess Pratllok PEN. Next mix a blob of Pratley Putty or Pratley Steel Putty according to the enclosed instructions. Place the Pratley Putty over the crack and surrounding area by working (forcefully kneading) it into place thereby wetting the surface with Putty resins. This will ensure a good bond.  Apply layers of Pratley Putty if necessary. Wipe off excess Putty with a damp and lint free cloth. Pratley Putty should then be smoothed with a wet finger. Allow the Pratley Putty and Pratlok to cure for 48 hours prior to the sump being put into use.

For the ultimate repair and as an alternative to using putty, one can prepare a square steel plate to cover the crack. Drill holes into the four corners of the plate and tap holes into the sump that line up with the holes on the plate. Apply Pratleymix adhesive to the underside of the plate and onto the sump. (make sure both surfaces are clean as above) Align the plate with the four tapped holes and screw down the plate with appropriately sized screws. Once the Pratleymix has cured, one can also apply Pratley Putty to cover the steel plate.

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